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A Very Charming Christmas Town (2020)

In the winter of 2020, Ingeborg’s Danish Chocolate was blessed enough to be featured in the Lifetime movie, A Very Charming Christmas Town, starring Natalie Hall and Jon Prescott. Natalie Hall’s character, Aubrey Lang, makes a trip to Solvang to explore and write a magazine article on the town’s Christmas lure. She meets a local tour guide/chocolatier named Sawyer Larsen (Prescott) who sets out to reveal Solvang’s magical charm through candlelit parades, dance parties, and late-night chocolate production.
Dance Party Scene in the Shop
Altogether, it was an honor to host the movie crew and thrilling to know our factory and shop could be enjoyed by viewers from around the country!

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(Brittany Silverstein Reporting, 2014)