Our Story

A Danish Woman's Chocolate Legacy

Founder Ingeborg Making Chocolate

The Beginning

Patrons of Ingeborg's can thank founder Ingeborg Larsen (pictured above) for the traditional Danish chocolate recipes we enjoy today.
Ingeborg worked as a chocolate dipper for one of Denmark's largest chocolate factories, and eventually opened her own chocolate shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. When she came to America, Ingeborg brought over her original recipes, some of which are now over 70 years old.

Ingeborg Crafting Her Recipes

In 1961, Ingeborg and her sister Carla put her recipes to good use by opening this chocolate factory. Thus goes the tale of how Solvang's chocolate artistry began.

Our Solvang Storefront


Led by owners Kim Jensen and Carol Krivulka, Ingeborg’s is still dedicated to preserving and sharing this Danish tradition.Today's Owners: Kim and Carol

Ingeborg's creates over 70 different chocolate and marzipan products, all packaged on premises. Just take a quick peek at our chocolate factory in the back of our shop, and see for yourself!