World Famous Danish Chocolates 
Assorted Dessert with Marzipan - 2lb 4oz

Assorted Dessert with Marzipan - 2lb 4oz

$ 65.99
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Handmade Danish Chocolates Assorted Dessert Danish chocolates from Ingeborg's of Solvang, California, feature luxurious richness and unique flavors that have astounded chocolate lovers everywhere. A perfect accent for fine wines, champagnes and coffees, our chocolates are made with absolutely the finest fresh ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Our dessert boxes feature our assortment of raspberry, rum, chocolate mouse, mocha and amaretto truffles, pineapple and chocolate, assorted marzipan chocolates, such as marzipan and raspberry, marzipan and nougat, marzipan and rum truffle, chocolate covered marzipan and marzipan orange and tripple sec, and marzipan and walnut. Available in beautiful boxes perfect for gifts and sharing in various quantities to please small to large groups of chocolate lovers. 2 pound 4 ounce box.
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